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Staircase Styles


We have been away for a while, but we are back with an interesting post. Staircase is the integral part for any duplex home. It not only enhances your interiors but also can turn out as a storage too. The contemporary  staircases can be built with spaces underneath the staircase or sometimes underneath each step. 
We have collected some great styles which suit your homes and add wonderful aesthetic value to your spaces. 
The glass staircase is newest on the block. If you think that longevity will be a challenge, you are mistaken. These glass types are generally double toughened and quite strong. The edges are covered by steel or aluminium to avoid chipping. 

These wood stairs are certainly modern styled and are cantilever supported beams. While they are one side supported, they are still quite strong to last for long duration.

The wooden staircase above has a storage are beneath. This looks good and also functions for two purposes.  The homes which generally have space constraints can opt for this style.

The similar style yet very fresh concept. Cantilever steps are entangled to each other sharing loads and giving more support. We definitely love this style. But, if you toddlers around, its better to avoid this style or erect a temporary support railing on the off side.
While the above are all supportless on the off side of the stair, this staircase style has the contemporary styled railing support which extends up to the next floor level.  Usually, very apt for restaurants and homes with space constraints. As this type of stair will give a spacious look to the home.

The above stair style is not support on the two ends. The supports are based, in other words distributed over to the next floor level and the ground level., along the baseline frame running on either sides of the stairs.

The above stair style is the good old vintage style. We get to see these museums and luxury hotels as you can see this style occupies huge space and need so much details to be done which is quite an expensive feat. The carvings and support railing all carry many details.

The above again is very contemporary American style stairs. If you observe, the railing are something which can be customized in infinite styles depending upon your taste and budget. However, the stairs need to be designed with basic design concepts, and additions of other material elements can be part of the design too.

The stairs though constructed in very restricted spaces, can sever dual purposes. The space underneath each step can be a storage box, as you see for your footwear or any DIY supplies or tools etc.,
The spiral staircase style, which is very much useful especially when you have very small space. The disadvantage would be moving stuff between the two levels. The above style has additional feature for the kids. The slide attached to the stairs will be very much fun.
The above picture will introduce you to the technical terminology of the staircase detail. The dimensions of the terms described, can vary with space. However, it is advisable to keep the basic standards for rise & tread at least.

We hope, the above pictures and details have given some handful information about staircase styles. Do write to us if you trying to get your existing stairs a new look, a makeover or renovation. 
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