Sunday, 14 October 2012

IKEA Inspired


We know many of are well aware of world's largest furniture retail IKEA. Its well known fact that IKEA has zillions of fans across the world. The simple and smart engineering is the key to IKEA's success. No item I have seen in this brand is complicated, heavy or silly. And assembling pieces using their manuals can be great fun. Shopping experience in IKEA itself is wonderful. We loved the store and often made visits just to bring back more and more stuff. While we moved back to India from London, we brought in some of our favourite IKEA collection with us. We always missed IKEA but on hearing the news that it will  soon be launched in India, we are so excited.

Today we wanted to introduce some beautiful homes which have been totally furnished with IKEA stuff. We are sure you will be amazed to the aesthetics that these range of furniture and furnishings bring in.

The Bedroom and cabinet shelf and the lamps(floor mount & hanging) and the chairs etc., are from IKEA. The hanging lamps from IKEA are our personal favourite and we own one too. 

This space is one room which has all, living, dining, bedding, cooking and working areas in one. IKEA's range of white colour cabinetry and furniture brought in brightness and so much space to this one room home.

Kids room are no exception. The baskets, wall frames, wall prints, window drapes are all in their range including the cute little stuffed toys. We kinda always loved that cute stuffed toys they offers for just 1-2£. 

The red stool, long mirror, the wall paper, and the orange throw shall all come for minimal price yet look very designer type.

The picture speaks it all as you see the modular kitchen including the utensils and accessories and the dining table altogether are part of their range. The red and white combo of modular kitchens is a hit in UK market. 

The whole setup you see here is one type of classy modern kitchen stuff. The utensils, we should say are one of its kind, with very fine quality and unique look.

This kitchen is another example of white modular kitchens famous in European countries. In India with the humid and tropical climate, its quite a task to maintain the whiteness but there are good choice of colours too.

The sofa and frames go very well with each other including the bolster cushions. 

Another outdoor dining table with unique design and very simple in look.

The play of colours here briefs you what kinda colour range and prints can they offer.

This post might seem like an IKEA commercial blog ad, we just wanted to share our lovely obsession. In fact, the ads are also very unique too. If you want to taste some Swedish food, do visit the store. Hope you all have got a feel for this wonderful brand. Concluding, we want to add one more vital point why this brand is such a big hit, that its price range is very affordable and quite tempting. 

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