Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Kitchen Time

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We are back to tour you through some of exclusively designed kitchens. As you know kitchen is one area which not only needs unique design, bespoke furniture, and feasible functionality. As we observe, there are several designers who concentrate more on aesthetics rather than functionality. But, we believe that functionality is one aspect where a designer's ability is revealed. 
Following are few designs which we think are good in all aspects yet innovative and creative. 
The new age stylish kitchen with minimal stuff and varying colours and cabinets with modular finish. the lamps add to the total look. Suitable for a studio styled small spaced apartment.
The kitchen above is all concrete finished without paint finish. This we think is one of the innovative kitchens especially the material with unfinished look but still doesn't seem incomplete. The white stools are a value addition to the design.
The kitchen with roof top windows and pale blue colour background, white paint finished wooden cabinets is  also a one of its kind design. The top ventilation eliminates the use of artificial lighting and gives a great night sky view as well.
The white background and minimal furniture and stuff in the background with wooden additions and the marble finished platforms also add to the beauty. But, this kind kitchen would be apt for a farmhouse, or barn house instead of a regularly used kitchen. 
The rustic finished wooden cabinets and rustic finished white walls along with unpolished flooring is one which is very much apt for country styled kitchen. 
The French styled kitchen, with all rustic materials and re-purposed furniture is simple yet different. Again, we think this is the kinda kitchen which is very much suitable for a barn or farm house.
For a medium sized home or apartment, this creative kitchen would be apt. As you notice, most of the modern kitchens are white finished with wooden cabinets and maximum ventilation.
The above space uses the vintage colour for the cabinets but vintage is the new age design concept. The backgrounds in grey and metal elements such as the stool and huge studio lamp add to the look. We are inspired by these various designs, how about you. 

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[image courtesy: Pinterest]

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