Friday, 12 October 2012

Go Green - Repurposed!!!


We apologize for not keeping up with the posting schedule. Few other commitments kept us occupied. We are back with the new idea of salvaging wood known as re-purposed wood. We did mention in one of our earlier post about the new upcycling term which has been coined to represent a sustainable practice. This post as well is focussed on a trendy sustainable practice. We would love to implement this strategy for our home too. Have a look to find what we are talking about.

After the useful life of the wood, we tend to send it to recycle which involves certain amount of energy, transportation, etc. While this repurposing technique is cool and easy to adopt, and also contributes to environment.

 The above centre table is a repurposed wood from a salvaged door. The choice of colour of the legs makes it look trendy and unique.

 The sitting bench above is again a salvaged wood, reclaimed and re painted.

The above item is definitely new and cool. The planters on either of the lawn bench make it aesthetic too. 
 The one of its kind idea to repurpose old books. It does not fall into the wood category but a good idea. While the longevity of this product remains a question to me, the idea seems quite different.
A kitchen cabinet which is made up of scrap wood reclaimed from doors and windows gives a very different rustic feel to the space.
The head board of a bed with some salvaged wood 
Another cute idea of repurposed rubber tyres and some salvaged wood pieces make up to a beautiful landscape design.

While all the above items are good ideas, this one is a masterpiece. The crib was turned to a study table. 

We are very much inspired by this repurpose idea...we are planning to get most of our furniture done with repurposed wood and get a rustic feel for our home. Do you have like to have similar theme for your space. Write to us to know more details. 
[image courtesy: Pinterest]

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