Monday, 24 September 2012

Tuesday Tour: Window Treatments


This week we are featuring different window treatments, which bring elegance to the interiors and add a conceptual look to the space. Here, we go.

the very conventional treatment
The above Roman style blinds treatment completely brings a new look the space
This is the drape which is classy and elegant especially suits a hallway
This drape style is the newest on the block...these are quite huge and carry enormous lengths of cloth which makes it quite expensive, however very desirable.
The above blinds type is a combination of natural material and cotton printed blinds which are actually good for vertical windows.
The above is one type of drop down bold printed drape which seems quite different than conventional or traditional window treatments. 
The above window treament could be a very common type but the curtain holder seems quite new and interesting. The drapes are a conventional buttoned type which can be printed or plain or self textured.
For those who want a little more informations, herez a detailed illustration of the cornice board or top board shapes and corresponding names.

As you notice, the window treatment drapes were chosen to complement the wall colour as well which is one of the key factors why those above drapes look perfect.

As we can say, there is no limit for newness and innovation in thoughts. We have an upcoming design project, where window treaments are a part of the design and hence looking out for some inspirations. 
These are few glimpses of window treatment styles, more to come stay glued to the page.

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