Monday, 3 September 2012

Tuesday Tour: Surya Samudra Resorts, Kerala


This Tuesday we have chosen a beautiful place in God's own country, Kerala. We have chosen Surya Samudra Resorts in Kovalam, Kerala which was designed by Swiss architect Karl Damschen. 
The ethnicity of this place will definitely surprise us as the architecture seems very traditional and rooted but not done by a localite. A foreigner who adopted and appreciated our architectural styles had put his efforts to turn this into a magical land. 
Karl Damschen is a famous restoration architect based in Kochi. He had worked on several hotels and resorts, one of such is Surya Samudra beach resort. Karl in words said that he was dismayed to see Kerala's traditional architecture using wood as prime element being replaced with concrete. Hence he started taking up restoration architecture retaining the traditional tharavadus. 
This is the inside courtyard with water ponds and dim lighting ( reducing the light pollution that many hotels generally attempt) The huts give the very natural country side look to the place while the terracota tiles for the roof brings the ethnicity out.
This place doesn't seem like a resort, it gives a very warm home feel that lot of resorts lack. Kerala famous for this kind of homes with the coconut trees around is a refreshing vacation land for sure.
We personally love this overview of the beach from the bedroom. We think the lighting chosen makes a huge difference for this kinda place.
The inside courtyard attached to open bath with the banyan tree, a deity's statue which we often find underneath in many countryside places. The pillars of the courtyard are made of stone just as we get to see in our old temples. The small elements are the key reason why we think this place is one of its kind.
One of the major reasons lot of us visit Kerala is to get a best spa treatment, ayurvedic massages. This place with the stone clad walls and beautifully lit candles around is a place that one waits to get soaked into. The window grill chosen for this place is worth mentioning as these type of windows are almost extinct in modern architecture. 
Canopy beds for the bedrooms with wooden heard boards takes us back to the historic eras. The wooden flooring is an added asset for the beauty of this bedroom.

  The pool overlooks the beach, seems like an infiniti pool...doesn't it???
 The evening view of the place, isn't it very serene?
The central courtyard stages the bronze nandi statue in the wooden truss frame supporting the roof, one of famous ancient architecture styles adopted here. And with the sunken base in the central area called as Manduva, could be an inspiration for this courtyard. 

We hope this tour had inspired to pack your bags n rush to Kerala to enjoy the stay. We were definitely inspired by the eco-friendliness and blend of traditional elements with modern technicalities of this resort. And salutes to the ace architect Karl Damschen for doing this marvel!!!


J & R


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