Monday, 10 September 2012

Tuesday Tour: Solapur Home


We are back with our Tuesday tour space, this time we are featuring a modern architecture done by Sunil Patil & Associates, a Pune based architectural firm who did a splendid job for this 3000 sqft Solapurian residence. We are is admiration of the modern and simple elements used for the design. Lets dig in to see the insides.
 The entrance lobby with a variant approach unlike the conventional, this whites did add to the light and the brightness.
We think the kitchen is very modern and with the newest technology and design in place. The hob especially is something that is the super element here.

 This space seemed a little weird to us, as we think the wood and blue is an age old combination and a mis match for the rest of the space.
The bath is again a modern design with the cladding on wall and brightness inside reducing the necessity of artificial lights

The dining space, quite big and with minimal accessories makes it really look like a modern condominium styled home.

 With less lighting, not overpowering the night darkness, this entrance in our view has been amazingly done.
The living space with that small tree inside is perfect in segregating the living and dining spaces. The wall and the glass above between the roof and wall is very aesthetic and serving a purpose of allowing natural light to flow in which makes this a perfect eco-friendly space.
Our favourite is the living with those off white furniture teaming up with the grey rock cladd wall on the front and with that small green tree in the background with the glass roof above it makes this very endearing.
With the use of minimal accessories and combining right elements is a very good example for modern architecture. There is so much allowance for the natural light and breathing space. The colours chosen are very soothing and peaceful. 
We totally love this project and we can't stop appreciating the architects for this beautiful marvel.


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