Thursday, 6 September 2012

Inviting Entry Ways


Have you seen a beautiful entry way to a home or commercial space off-late?? Have you ever imagined how they would look life if you never had a glance at one??
We are sharing some of the beautiful entry way's/Doors picked from different corners of the world. 

Entry way in Brussels, the blend of colours and wood with glass and wrought iron grill with some art work give it a perfect antique look

The Bohemian Homes entry way....looks like a secret hideout.

Israel old antique door..a historic place which still boasts its old architectural wonders

Kefalonia, Greece, this pink is a rare sighting.

Not an entry way but at the entrance side, bay windows with art wood work and floral hangings, Wurttemberg

Tunisia, an African tourist attraction known for its seen a yellow and iron entry door with big door knocks
Commercial spaces at Aruba, a Caribbean island place with beautifully coloured elevations.

This is a Lisbon artwork for an entry way

Bath, of our favourite places which is a major historic town with beautiful period architecture, this is a part of the antiques...a very Victorian era styled door.

While we tour around the world, how can we forget our own homeland's beauty. This is an Old Delhi entry way with carved architraves and huge doors with antique colours.

This is another type of entry way with Lord Ganesh and purple coloured doorway with artwork on either sides, isn't so Indian??

The purpose of sharing these images is to inspire our readers to try a new play of colours. We (Indians) always boast of the vibrant colours that we use for our exteriors, but out there in other parts of the world, there are many places which use different blend of colours. Don't you want your entryways to be inviting??? Try new colours and blend it with floral dangling or colourful mosaics which add great ambience to your entrances.
We personally love the Tunisian yellow and iron door.


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