Friday, 31 May 2013

DIY Planters

Have you tried doing some DIY planters for you kitchen herbs/succulents/cactus es/indoor plants. With growing concerns about indoor pollution levels, it is important to follow few steps to keep your indoor air clear of contaminants. Plants are not only natural coolers but also curb indoor air pollutants.
Growing kitchen herbs is not only fun but also essential to cater to the pantry needs. DIY planters can look aesthetically pleasing and add some green element to your walls be it in the utility or a portico or to the living space.

Here are few planter ideas....have a look and give a try over the weekend.

Happy Weekend.

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Cushion Magic

Sofas; given the design boom in this era, there are thousands of varieties in the market that can cater to our needs, aesthetics, customized options and many more.
When it comes to interiors, sofas are an integral part of the decor, aesthetic elements and a major attractive option to complete the look.
Well, sofas alone cannot bring in the ambiance but cushions are an integral to add that extra beauty to any sofa. 
Even an old and worn out sofa can get some great makeover just by adding right size and textured cushions. Just like sofas, cushions also have a wide variety range and very big market. This post brings you some  sofas styled with complementing cushions and you can notice the glamour they add in.

When I take up design, I make sure to find some unique variety of cushions not only to add glamour but also some times to camouflage the client's existing stuff which may not be great picks (be it a sofa or a seating).

Hope you liked the variations and got inspired with the new styles. Even a simple sofa can be transformed into a piece of art with beautiful cushions.

[Image courtesy: AD]


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Friday, 10 May 2013

Ethnic Home - Goa

This beautiful space has stolen my heart...I was so smitten by the interiors which elegantly juxtaposed ethnic elements and modern day needs. Antonia Graham is the owner of the space which is located in Goa. Featured in this month's Elle Decor magazine, entire home carries simple hues without overshadowing the elements.
What is most attractive is the central courtyard of the building, many old style homes in the south Indian villages still do have this type of courtyard which not only takes in the light but also creates a spacious feeling. 
Many times I mentioned that interiors are clustered with many decorative objects which take away the actual functionality. However this space seems to use the right amount of objects in right places with least cluster.

With a simple colour pallette and structural elements made out of traditional materials, the interior hues bring back so many childhood memories to many of us. 
Canopy bed was an integral part of our grand parents homes, and it was passed as legacy to the next generations until late 80s. 
I have always had great liking for canopy beds, and in process of getting one made.

[photo courtesy: Elle Decor India]

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