Monday, 24 September 2012

Tuesday Tour: Window Treatments


This week we are featuring different window treatments, which bring elegance to the interiors and add a conceptual look to the space. Here, we go.

the very conventional treatment
The above Roman style blinds treatment completely brings a new look the space
This is the drape which is classy and elegant especially suits a hallway
This drape style is the newest on the block...these are quite huge and carry enormous lengths of cloth which makes it quite expensive, however very desirable.
The above blinds type is a combination of natural material and cotton printed blinds which are actually good for vertical windows.
The above is one type of drop down bold printed drape which seems quite different than conventional or traditional window treatments. 
The above window treament could be a very common type but the curtain holder seems quite new and interesting. The drapes are a conventional buttoned type which can be printed or plain or self textured.
For those who want a little more informations, herez a detailed illustration of the cornice board or top board shapes and corresponding names.

As you notice, the window treatment drapes were chosen to complement the wall colour as well which is one of the key factors why those above drapes look perfect.

As we can say, there is no limit for newness and innovation in thoughts. We have an upcoming design project, where window treaments are a part of the design and hence looking out for some inspirations. 
These are few glimpses of window treatment styles, more to come stay glued to the page.

Keep Visiting

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Tuesday Tour: An Extravagant Float


Every week, we have been introducing you a space that we think is the best in terms of several different aspects of design, this week we are taking you to tour one of the extravagances that one filthy rich human could crave for. Any guesses???

A Yacht!

This Yacht is named as Celestial Hope designed by a luxury yacht designer company from Netherlands 'Heseen' a one of its kind ship builders never compromise on giving the best quality. 

The details of this masterpiece goes like this, the length is 47m, guests 12, crew 9, cruise speed 22knots, cabins 6, and 2 engines of 2740kw. Also equipped with satellite communication with phone, fax and email. The interiors of this yacht has been done by the London based interior designers Intarya. 

Each room has class comfortable proportions ad large expansive windows filled with light. 

 CH offers guests endless choices for dining, relaxing and sunning including a full dining suite on the bridge deck and sun deck and casual lounges ideal for cocktails on the main deck and fore deck.

The master suite unusually large for any yacht of this size provides a dressing room with its own vanity, bathroom with his n her sinks, a tropical rain shower, built in flat screen TV, a bathtub and a real working fire place.

The other guest cabins including the VIP are equipped with state of the art entertainment systems, creative and original art and design and large ensuite bathrooms.

A open jacuzzi on the top deck of the CH.

The ceilings and walls were all lacquer finished, and used bespoke ironmongery. Venetian mirrors, moulded resin and hand carved timbers are also a speciality. Door handle knobs were crystal made, also the bathroom fixtures were all nickel and crystal. 

If anyone asks us what is your greatest materialistic extravagance, we would now have an answer to say " to spend few days on this wonderful yacht and experience the unique feeling". What would you say???


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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sunday Intro: Thomas Heatherwick's UK Pavilion


We have been featuring the best designed spaces under our Tuesday Tour segment, now on we will feature an Architect/Engineer/Designer's best work under the Sunday Intro segment. 

As part of the 1st intro, we chose the famous English designer, Thomas Heatherwick, the mastermind behind the London Cauldron stadium. While the Cauldron stadium brought in more fans for his work, we personally admire the UK Pavillion done by this ace designer studio at World Expo-2010, Shanghai, China. 
Considered as the one of its kind expo which features themed pavilions by different countries in the world which are done to represent their technology, culture and advancements, Heatherwick studio represented UK in the year 2010.
The pavilion itself sits on a crumpled landscape like enclosed in a wrapping paper. The surfaces of the pavilion were inclined, giving an amphitheatre atmosphere, with grey turf.
The Heatherwick studio's focus on the sustainable aspects is what we think is the commendable and contemporary thought for the theme "better cities, better life". 

With the building's fa├žade representing the look of the grass, the building took its name as the Seed Cathedral with 15m hieght, the surface with silvery hairs consisting of 60,000 identical rods of clear acrylic, each 7.5m long which extend through the walls and lift up into the air. 
Using the concepts of the seeds from the seed conserving society as seen at Kew gardens botanical gardens, the building used 250,000 seeds cast into the glassy tips of these hairs. 
The daylight lights up the glass and the seeds inside while the light sources illuminate the box in the nights. 

The amount of detail and the concept to make it a seed cathedral connecting the modern day technology to the nature is what interest and amuses us in this design. The challenge to work this out in a constrained budget is definitely a daunting task. While the design won a gold medal, the pavilion had about 8 mi visitors which make it one of the top in tourist attractions of UK. 

While there many other marvels to his credit, we cannot stop admiring this one. Go for a video tour here.


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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Green Walls


If you have come across vertical gardens or if you are growing one at your place, this may not seem a surprise. However, if you never saw one, this is surely going to awe you. Vertical gardens are Vegetation-Bearing Architectonic Structure and SystemMore than for its aesthetics, vertical gardens serve a very good purpose of space conserving greeneries. We are featuring some of the beautiful vertical gardens from across the world. 
Patric Blanc from France, is a pioneer in popularizing this vertical gardens. There are several works to his credit in France and around the world. In our research it is found that, Paris has the largest no.of vertical gardens.
This interior green wall is at the France embassy in New Delhi.
This exterior wall green cladding is done for Atheneaum Hotel in London. Don't you think greenery added beauty to the outsides.
As far as our research and visits concerned, Heathrow is one airport which adopts the best practices, one of which is green wall at sky team lounge.
We all are aware that Singapore is one the cleenest cities in the world, may be they are aiming for the green city too, here is the vertical garden wall at emporium shopping mall at Singapore.
Wondering if these vertical gardens only pertain to commercial places??? Not absolutely.This is a garden wall done for an apartment terrace.
If you ever had a chance to visit the Anthropologie Store at Regent street, London, you will love the green wall inside...our personal favourite.

The wall might seem good and interesting but if you want to adopt one or know the technique, here are the detailed illustrations. 

Thanks to Patric Blanc, for introducing and popularizing a sustainable concept to conserve space and yet have greenery around. 
There is a simple technique to get one in small spaces using recycled plastic bottles something similar like the one below...find the details here.


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Monday, 10 September 2012

Tuesday Tour: Solapur Home


We are back with our Tuesday tour space, this time we are featuring a modern architecture done by Sunil Patil & Associates, a Pune based architectural firm who did a splendid job for this 3000 sqft Solapurian residence. We are is admiration of the modern and simple elements used for the design. Lets dig in to see the insides.
 The entrance lobby with a variant approach unlike the conventional, this whites did add to the light and the brightness.
We think the kitchen is very modern and with the newest technology and design in place. The hob especially is something that is the super element here.

 This space seemed a little weird to us, as we think the wood and blue is an age old combination and a mis match for the rest of the space.
The bath is again a modern design with the cladding on wall and brightness inside reducing the necessity of artificial lights

The dining space, quite big and with minimal accessories makes it really look like a modern condominium styled home.

 With less lighting, not overpowering the night darkness, this entrance in our view has been amazingly done.
The living space with that small tree inside is perfect in segregating the living and dining spaces. The wall and the glass above between the roof and wall is very aesthetic and serving a purpose of allowing natural light to flow in which makes this a perfect eco-friendly space.
Our favourite is the living with those off white furniture teaming up with the grey rock cladd wall on the front and with that small green tree in the background with the glass roof above it makes this very endearing.
With the use of minimal accessories and combining right elements is a very good example for modern architecture. There is so much allowance for the natural light and breathing space. The colours chosen are very soothing and peaceful. 
We totally love this project and we can't stop appreciating the architects for this beautiful marvel.


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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Inviting Entry Ways


Have you seen a beautiful entry way to a home or commercial space off-late?? Have you ever imagined how they would look life if you never had a glance at one??
We are sharing some of the beautiful entry way's/Doors picked from different corners of the world. 

Entry way in Brussels, the blend of colours and wood with glass and wrought iron grill with some art work give it a perfect antique look

The Bohemian Homes entry way....looks like a secret hideout.

Israel old antique door..a historic place which still boasts its old architectural wonders

Kefalonia, Greece, this pink is a rare sighting.

Not an entry way but at the entrance side, bay windows with art wood work and floral hangings, Wurttemberg

Tunisia, an African tourist attraction known for its seen a yellow and iron entry door with big door knocks
Commercial spaces at Aruba, a Caribbean island place with beautifully coloured elevations.

This is a Lisbon artwork for an entry way

Bath, of our favourite places which is a major historic town with beautiful period architecture, this is a part of the antiques...a very Victorian era styled door.

While we tour around the world, how can we forget our own homeland's beauty. This is an Old Delhi entry way with carved architraves and huge doors with antique colours.

This is another type of entry way with Lord Ganesh and purple coloured doorway with artwork on either sides, isn't so Indian??

The purpose of sharing these images is to inspire our readers to try a new play of colours. We (Indians) always boast of the vibrant colours that we use for our exteriors, but out there in other parts of the world, there are many places which use different blend of colours. Don't you want your entryways to be inviting??? Try new colours and blend it with floral dangling or colourful mosaics which add great ambience to your entrances.
We personally love the Tunisian yellow and iron door.


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