Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wall Decals/Wall Papers - The Trend


Have you come across a home or office or any commercial space recently with wall decals/papers??
If you have not, these decals/papers have come into the market in several different shades, textures, colours and designs. Even accessible at your locals malls and stores, you can got take a look of how they actually look like. 
The above picture is the floral wall decal

The birdies on wall - another wall decal which would enhance the look for your rooms.
The wall decals which would give a retro look for a commercial space.

The wall papers can be purchased on sq feet basis and sometimes readily available; and sometimes to be given as customized order.  As many people think, these wall papers are not very expensive. In fact
they are best ways to enhance your spaces without much trouble and effort. It all depends on choosing the right one for your space.

Here we are featuring some sneak peaks of the wall decals/papers that we got to find.

We personally liked the floral type as they are the fast moving for homes.

The above room is one which we really liked with that big bold flowers and the faint calligraphy. 


J & R

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