Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Recycle or Upcycle???

We are not just endorsing sustainability, but trying to put in practise in daily walks of life. When it comes to conservation, we are used three Rs, Reduce, Reuse, n Recycle. But, the scenario is slowly changing. Recycling is not so easy as we write in 7 letters. Recycling involves a series of operations which may consume energy, water and fuel. The amount that we recycle involves a little less of those resources used for manufacturing. So, a term called..."Upcycle" has been coined defining the process of adding more value to the old products. This is not something that started today or yesterday but nearly 2 decades ago. Has it reached to larger section...sadly not yet. 
This is just another attempt to promote upcycling. Having realised the fun in upcycling things, we write this to share an upcycle project of ours. As one of us works for a construction company, we have access to the site's construction debris. Not to forget, debris disposal is not upto its mark in India. So we have collected few logs and unwanted ply sheets from the debris and took up this project. The name of this product we tried to design is "Step-Up Shelf". Initial phase of work for this product has been completed just yesterday. The next phase will be finishing & painting. 
Heres sharing the work in progress pictures....

The 1st image is the closer version of the design which can be used as shelf, 2nd images is the side view clearly shows a ladder type, that is why it is inclined. The back rest would actually act as a ladder. U can see the print on the those ply sheets which have to be scrubbed off and a coat of primer to be applied before setting off for painting. 
This is just a beginning from our end. Of course we have lot of Re-Used stuff, but upcyclying is the first time. 
Check out this page which keeps inspiring and provides information about upcycling, and another page in pinterest especially for the curious ladies out there. 
Will post the next phase of work pictures as soon as we are with it.


Jyostna & Ravindra

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