Sunday, 12 August 2012

Why are WE here?

We are here to give wings to our dream and your dream too!!! We aim to provide services related to the fields in which we have gained professional qualification and experience. As we have strong love and passion for this field, we wanted to do something more than just being a working professional. Hence, the concept of IDEAs has evolved. If you wonder how different is IDEAs from the conventional consultants, our answer is that "Fresh and Innovative IDEAs need not be entirely different but definitely better than that of the previous it upgrading the existing or improving the existing."

Our goal is to provide Innovative architectural, engineering and Interior Design services at suitable budgets. Hence, this page will also offer services apart from sharing IDEAs. 
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We noticed that seeking a professional help in terms of design solutions has become an expensive exercise, so we decided to work this out to help all those people who have queries or require solutions concerning any of three fields we practise for a very nominal consultation charge. 

Drop a comment with your email ID and we will be in touch base with you promptly.


Jyostna & Ravindra

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