Saturday, 3 November 2012

Coffee Lover's Paradise

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How many of us love the flavour and fragrance while the Coffee brews. Isn't it irresistible?
The Coffee Lover's Paradise, Starbucks has launched its flagship store in India. For the world outside, Starbucks is almost a staple.,but for India I think it falls in the luxury brand category. The location and style of the store has sent the image out as luxury coffee shop. While we do not have any complaints against the image, we just wanted to enjoy the Starbucks coffee just as we did abroad. Perhaps we need to wait a little longer to reach that phase.
Anyways, what fascinated us was the store interiors. Although we have seen many coffee shops and love to spend our spare time at a coffee shop, we hardly come across very exclusively design stores. As most of these stores were franchises and they have a conventional design style to be followed including the accessories. 
We are posting some pictures of the exclusive flagship Starbucks store launched in Mumbai in association with the TATA. 

 The store interiors with the chalk boards and brown hues is very much the newer style coffee shop. And for a location like the Hermes circle, this style is definitely a value addition.

 The vintage look and very much Indian ethnic accessories are very eye candy for sure. The floor print with Indian authentic peacock design can also be noticed. The big vessels, which were typical water containers at the country homes have been used to hold the packs.

 The cups have been customized to carry the India gate, Mumbai print. We haven't really come across such customized cups. This is definitely one of its kind.

 The crowded store soon after the launch.

And the men behind the launch and making pose for the shutterbags.

Can't wait for the country wide stores. We wish to see similar styled stores or probably a customized style for every city may be. 

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