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Luxury Living - Fish House

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We thought it would be nice to introduce this feature as part of our posts. After all, who wouldn't love to enjoy a luxurious living. Apart from showcasing some beautifully designed homes, our intention is to present our analysis of design used in such spaces. 
This feature is the design from Guz Architects, Singapore. They hold a very good profile in creating luxurious spaces. Fish house is one of their best works. We think that this house is surely one of its kind when it comes to an eco-friendly design that embraces the climate of the region yet aesthetically appeals.
The water body which runs inside and outside of the house gives a very natural feel to the space. The coconut trees in the island in midst add a tropical feel. While we wonder the functionality of the space especially with coconut trees on the island might pose a root problem in future. We wish the architects have done something for this.

One of the best parts of the design is this mulch on the roof. Going green with design innovation is definitely a  task to achieve. Guz Architects were successful in achieving this. The mix of wood, metal, glass along with mulch with the beach view is very interesting. The photo voltaic panels, around are energy suppliers.

 The entire roof seems like waves to give a sea wave format. 
     The outside courtyards are spacious and the greenery is also kept to minimal giving a modern look.
 The use of wood for the interior roof is one that is unique. It adds extravagance to the space. If you can observe the reverse strategy used here is white floor and wood clad roof, is what we appreciate. 
 The central courtyard seems to be inspired by an ancient architectural feature which has been enhanced and given a modern classic touch with spot lighting and green island in between.
The area in the ground floor is almost surrounded by the pool uniting the space with the sea in front.

The curved roofs are almost totally covered with thin bendable photovoltaic panels supplying enough energy to the house, while the remaining area is used as a green roof giving residents some outdoor leisure spaces. 
The entire house is very uniquely designed with modern architecture using some ancient design elements with innovative green concepts not compromising in any element of luxury.
[Photo courtesy: Guz Architects & Freshome]

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