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Sustainable Living at Costa Rica

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With the growing population around the world and increasing needs we are at the verge of losing our precious natural treasures. Some experts and analysts have realized this danger and conducted studies to conserve those natural resources. Living with conservation as the prime concept is nothing but sustainability. More meanings can be derived from the term, however I opine conservation should remain the key word. With clumsy urban living, lot of urban bees have migrated to rural areas and to the country side to breathe in some fresh air. When it is not possible, they at least travel to pacify their thirst for natural living. So are the travelers Mateo & Erica who have been to Costa Rica on a vacation and found a sustainable living in a forest there. 
They have simple story to tell, a story that most urban dwellers fed up with the claustrophobic nuances in the cities have to tell. What is different is Erica & Mateo was they found an answer for their search in the name of "Finca Bellavista" a treehouse community in dense forest of Costa Rica.

 The frontage of dense forests and flowing rivers from the treetops
 Walkways between the treehouses
 Is there a better shower than those fresh falling waters?
 Route indicating flag posts
 Can anyone ask for a better vacation time than this?
 Organic vegetables reaped from the forest around
 Treehouses by night.. The dim lighting does not cause light pollution thereby letting the night habitat coexist.
 The giant cabbage family veggie..the colour and texture of the leaves indicate its organic strengths.
 The bedroom casted in wood, the colour gels very well with surrounding palette
 The bar and dining open to air
Lay yourself on this cozy seating and get engrossed in a great book, can the sky scrapper living beat this austere living?

More than the design, the idea of not polluting this clean place is what attracts the most in this community. The community sells some parcels for public at $45,000. If you want to spend your savings in a best possible way and if you are a nature lover, go buy yourself a treehouse and become a Finca Bellavista family member.

7 Interesting facts about Costa Rica

  1. Costa Rica has permanently abolished its Army in 1949
  2. Costa Rica was cited as one of the high human development countries by the UN
  3. Costa Rica is the only country to have met all 5 criteria of environmental sustainability
  4. Costa Rica ranks 1 in the Happy Planet Index
  5. Costa Rica is the first country to ban recreational hunting
  6. Costa Rica alone consists of 5% of world's biodiversity
  7. Costa Rica has the highest literacy rate of 94% among the Latin American countries
What better location would be there than Costa Rica for housing such a sustainable living community?

[Photo courtesy: Finca Bellavista]

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