Thursday, 14 March 2013

Anthroplogie Round Up

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Anthropologie is an amazing retail which primarily does vintage, antique and handmade crafts, apparel, accessories, furniture and many other items. This has been our favourite store when it comes to picking exclusive stuff for home needs, we love this store for its sheer uniqueness and exclusivity. Here on we would like do a round up of some wonderful picks from Anthropologie and present here in this page along with how it works and where to stall it etc; Have a look!

 Named as Zonkers Club chair....this chair can be the statement chair for that special corner. The floral upholstery can bring that bright appeal for the corner and the comfortable cozy seating is the best part of this item.
Have you lately seen a re-purposed coffee table with unique material like this. The legs are rusted iron with wheels beneath and the table top is the fibre board. 
                     The summer is around the corner and heres the lovely bird bath styled trinket dish.
 The ruffled quilt in moon blue color which is quite rich in color and texture. Bring in the luxury and coziness effortlessly to your bedroom
The interlocking vase made of ceramic with a white glazing on top matches with any colored flowers.
 The spring time wall paper, it has the perfect appeal to decorate your space with the light shade peony flowers on the wall decal.
 The mirror of special craft, this would a special look for your living space or above the headboard of your bed....a big mirror is always good in small spaces as it would help look the space bigger
 Stained glass floral photo frame, goes well on side table or cabinet tops, especially during the spring and in that corner where there is direct access to sunlight, this would reflect the shine.

 Ivory etched cabinet, a luxury piece of craft, an antique styled cabinet. Perfect for a luxurious space. Topped with right accessories, it can be the best side of your room.
 The ceramic made lamp glazed with bright colour topped with a woven lamp shade, the perfect choice to go in bedsides or sofasides
 As always, our favourite picks from the cushion collection of the store., the top one with patchwork and bottom one with sequin embroidery and some decent spring colours. For those old, dull and pale sofas or cushioned chairs, top these cushions to change the look.
With the items listed above, we made a design palette for a bedroom, although it seems a bit unusual combination, we think it works for it being different. 

 While this store has best collection, there is an opinion among buyers that some items are too expensive to afford...but who said second best things aren't expensive. One thing to be kept in mind that most of these items are hand crafted and such items certainly deserve some very good piece. 

Hope you enjoyed our round up of items of our choice and we would repeat this now and then updating some of the best picks.

[Photo courtesy: Anthropologie]
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