Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spectacular Spa

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This week, we are presenting a beautiful spa that has won many accolades for its wonderful design and astonishing ambiance. We believe spas are the places for rejenuvation, which means they need to have the most serene environment, mostly natural and earthy tones suit the spa interiors. This spa is slightly different yet it leaves a magical feel. Have a look.
Located approximately 175miles southwest of Rome, the Amalfi coast streches for 15miles along the Sorrentine Peninsula. The Spa that we are talking about is part of the Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel which is located 10 miles from the town of Amalfi.
The beauty of this place lies in its location., The Amalfi coast mountains, the sunrise and sunset views, the colour of the waters, everything add up to the beauty. Originally this places was a monastery and hence the name.
The Spa opens up with a neat reception area. Well crafted beige coloured reception chairs in wicker along with complementing wood stand-up cabinet, the candles and wall texture, everything seems so welcoming
None of us want to miss the sauna experience when visiting a spa, the stoned wall and lighting concept are unique here.
The thermal room, with pale yellow mosaic flooring reflects the dull lighting and brightens a warm light, the texture of the wall which is quite earthy, the row lights along the warm pool are all part of the spectacle.
The name given to this space is tepidarium, which is nothing but a heated bathroom, inspired by the Roman baths. The floor has underground heating, which comes out through the walls and floors...these walls are perfect for the Roman styled bath.
The lovely outdoor spa with a awesome view, the blues of the waters and skies bring in great relief to the spa goers. The rafters and roof of the shelter are more natural and earthy.
We love those turquoise bowls on the corners too. :)
 Apart from the pampering at the amazing spa, if you want to soak in the sun, therez a terrace place to enjoy the view and enjoy the bright sunlight. If you notice, the terrace is also done in natural stone.
Here comes the gorgeous dining space for you to enjoy some sumptuous greek salads(may be), after all its about going natural.
Finally, to have some sound sleep, with a bedroom done in most simple yet elegant interiors. The headboard and the footings are very interesting. Can't ignore the window and the reading desk by it.
The infinity pool view in the day time...surreal isn't it?
The infinity pool view by the night....Ethreal!!!

We hope we took you on a great spa ride through this post.

[Photo Courtesy: MonestaroSantaRosa]
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