Sunday, 24 February 2013

Restoration at its Best

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The mansions in London stand as symbols of architectural heritage, no matter how old and dilapidated they look on the exterior, the interiors are refurbished to match the contemporary trends. This sort of renovation is definitely a challenge to any design & execution team. 
An exclusive property which has been restored its glory is Roehampton Mansion in London. Two Gatehouses, five garden villas have altogether have been converted into 29 properties expanded in 4 acres of landscaped grounds.  
Designed in 1712 by Thomas Archer, this was a family home and later extended to be used as convalescent home until it was acquired by St.James. 

The Georgian architecture of the facade rising upto 3 floors
The living spaces have been designed exclusively with the most contemporary theme. Especially the colour theme appears to be classy and exquisite.
 The bathroom featured may not be spacious but well planned with white theme so as to create a spacious feeling

The lighter and simple the shades are, the richer and elegant it looks. The book shelves however, seem to be a part of the 19th century styling. It seems to be a perfect blend of two eras.

The kitchen symbolizes the modern day trends with minimal cupboards and white theme as well to create space....this is part of the apartment thats on for sale; The lovely spherical chandeliers are a special feature here.
The bedroom have been designed in pale beige and satin white combination, the headboard cum wall facade appears exclusive and plays a vital part in enhancing the quality.
If you observe, the chandeliers chosen are bespoke and a perfect match to the chosen theme which is our personal favourite aspect in this design.
I think this sneak peak has given you a glimpse of what a luxury restoration would be like...of course the budget involved will also be huge in such cases. But the bucks being spent on a masterpiece is always worth their value..isn't it?

[Image courtesy: Adelto]

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