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Featuring Good Earth

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Who wouldn't love luxurious and elite interiors. One such retail which has it all is 'Good Earth'
While they are not new to the market, their constant upgradations and appealing presentations can woo any art & craft lover. If you want to use an ethnic theme to style your space, do look out for some elegant stuff in Good Earth.
This time, we are presenting few snips & snaps of the luxury retail, of course, our favourite picks indeed!
Here you go

The print seems totally creative and the combinations of hues are sheer perfect, certainly brings a unique look to the bedroom. Just the Chair and the fabrics can create a whole new atmosphere.
We totally believe that cushions, especially those worked with paints on silk or any other rich fabric can work magically with interiors. They bring luxury without big efforts. Good Earth has loads of such amazing collections cushion covers n cushions.
As you can the prints on the fabrics and paintings on the pots totally invite a very ethnic, vintage cum contemporary feel.
This work is Naqashi also known as Papier mache hails from Kashmir. The finesse in this work is worth to lure huge bucks. Visit your nearest store to find what sort of a detailed work it is.

The dinner collection is something that every woman would love to have in her dinner closet as a master piece. The colours chosen are very self explanatory and symbolize the luxury.
As mentioned the chosen style of artwork brings the ethnicity effortlessly. These colours definitely reminds of our nation's rich cultural heritage.
 Just as cushions work well in giving a furnished look to the interiors, the choice of candle stands can enhance the feel and mood of the space. The above picture shows the detail of art and craft that has gone into the making.
These spoons used to be a part of every household back in 60s, slowly the brass has lost its glory in Indian household but if retails make an effort to recreate the brass and remold them to innovative pieces, we can reshelve them all back in our pantries.
If only the store and its insides look elegant, what about the print and publicity?? They also look comfortingly cool and classy like the one above. Machilipatnam is a place close to our hometown which is quite famous for many handcrafts. This print reminds my duty to explore the surrounding spaces to dig in for handicrafts. Promise to bring in some exquisite art on this page sometime soon.

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