Tuesday, 12 February 2013

D Hotel, Lucknow

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We are back with an interesting post about the award winning architecture in leisure category.

D Hotel, Lucknow designed by Sanjay Puri architects has won an international award for its unique concept.
On a vast site of 13,394 square meter, the building stands with varied inclines creating access to the outdoors for majority of its spaces separately. 
The geometry of the structure is very unique, creating angular projects in different directions. The lush plain  landscape around highlights the structure and offers a clear view of the building, also allowing ample of ventilation for the spaces within.

 Most of the time, the architecture aligns with the site orientation, but this particular structure uses the space diligently.
 The lobby space and the pool open for outdoors is a contemporary concept, but the angular projections and the surfaces of walls & ceilings appear like juxtaposition of antique aesthetic with a touch of modernity.
 The view from the road appears like a complicated geometric puzzle
 Personally, we never loved structures like this, but a strong conceptual idea behind creating this complicated structure definitely deserves lot of appreciations.
The above section detail offers the concept of creating open outdoors for almost every space in the Hotel. 
Energy efficiency was achieved by designing proper orientation and layout of the building in accordance with the climatic conditions. 
Congrats to Sanjay Puri Architects for the award.

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  1. D HOTEL, Lucknow, India A sculpted series of spaces create a seamless integration of built form with landscape in this 120 room hotel.At the smaller grade a large conferencing facility with a separate entry furthermore undoes up on a large garden.
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  2. Thank you for sharing more information.

  3. What is the state of construction?

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