Saturday, 9 March 2013

The 'Sun' Power

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As you know that summer is fast approaching and the air conditioned systems are in best demand. But many states in India are experiencing drastic power shortages already and during summer this shortage is going to be worse. So, lot of people are relying on fuel powered generators and battery charged invertors. But, how many of them have given a thought to use renewable energy??? Well, unlike the old times, the awareness about many new products is very much in there, yet not many are resorting to renewable energy sources.

We know that solar power is the best option when it comes to renewable energy but we are not adapting the practice assuming that the first costs(installation) are quite high. If a life time cost assessment is made comparing Solar power vs regular power from the grid, the difference will be clear. With the scorching summers, it is quite obvious to see quadrupled energy bills. If you want to avoid recurring energy bills, it is better you chose solar power.

Herez a wonderful example from Lancaster, California where the city requires every new house to install solar panels just like recycling which is a must in many cities around the world. The zoning code of the city is going to for an update which will require homes that are built on lots larger than 7000 sqft to include a solar system of 1.0-1.5 kilo watts and homes that are located on rural lots that have more than 10,000 sqft will be required to have a solar system of at least 1.5 kilo watts.This is quite a big leap for any city, but definitely a revolutionary intention which may inspire many other cities in the world.

Of course there are companies which are investing in setting up solar farms which will supply the harvested power to the grid which might be economical to the subscribers.

The research says that Solar Power is contagious, the study evidently shows that the visibility of the panels and word-of-mouth lead to larger installations. "if my neighbour installs a solar panel and tells me he's saving money, its likely that I'll go ahead and do the same" said many.

When it comes to buying and installing, as mentioned above many consumers have misconceptions about the initial expenditure involved. If you wish to get rid of the high energy bills and reduce the dependency on the grid, contact us for details. We will provide best possible solutions. Write to us on

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