Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pre-Fab Sustainable Homes

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Sorry for being away from this space for a while. However we are back with a bang. Yes, a very interesting post. Have you seen ready-made homes, we understand the idea of ready-made home is something that is built and ready to occupy. But we are not talking about this. Homes that are customized to your taste, add or remove features just like a car. 
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This is from the Simpatico System, which was developed around a collection of interchangeable modular building blocks that can be combined to create unlimited semi-custom home designs. The biggest advantage of these homes are, that they are incredibly flexible and fit in all types of environments like narrow lots, townhomes, ranch homes, vacation homes, accesory structures, sloped lots etc; 

There are many advantages with these homes like, streamline system, saves money, organised process, and time saving. Simple 5 step process like reviewing the site, designing to suit your lifestyle and requirements, engineering the construction, fabricating and delivering. In other its a simple modular set up which is quick to build and fits in all kinds of spaces.
Given the space challenges, and mounting construction costs, resource allocation challenges, this modular pre-fab home seems a good solution.
Moreover, it is very sustainable, as the interiors include energy star appliances, low flow plumbing fixtures, glass mosaic tiles, bamboo & cork flooring, low or no VOC paints, hydronic radiant floor heating etc; If you think its too pricy,  they are very much on par or sometimes less than the conventional pricing (150$/SqFt).

[Courtesy: Simpatico Homes]

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