Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Its World Environmental Day - Theme of 2013 is Think-Eat-Save

This campaign about how to buy food responsibly, how not waste food, and how to recycle/compost your food waste to avoid the burden on solid waste management organisations.

1) Please do not buy food in excess. It is often observed that middle class and above buy food that is more than required and throw them without using as they get spoiled over a period of time.
2) Kids are to be taught not to waste food in their plate/lunch box. This is a very common habit among many kids who spill/waste/leave food which can grow into an irresponsible habit further.
3) Prepare your meal responsibly. Many a times, especially in our country food is prepared in excess, in case the maid doesn't turn up, all the excess ends in gutters.
4) Wedding meals are another part of huge tons of food waste that is generated everyday. The big fat Indian wedding waste can possibly feed some hundreds of hungry if managed responsibly. Read my musings here.
5) Food waste that is generated out of restaurants is no less to the above. The food that we order in excess is all thrown away in the gutters, instead get them packed and give it to hungry person by the road side.
6) Above all try to use a compost bin to decompose all the degradable kitchen waste.

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